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Jobs, Talent and the 'Future of Work'

In this Podcast, we discuss how technology is changing how we work, where we work – and even redefining our work “colleagues”.

Marianne Kolding sits down with Miles to talk about how IDC sees the developments in the future workspace, work culture and work force.

Smart Devices, Smart Future

Smartphones in themselves were a big technological revolution that fundamentally changed society, we are also seeing emerging technologies; such as Wearables, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, altering how we interact with out everyday lives. So what other changes can they bring? How could mobile AI advance these devices further? Is this a market that will continue to grow and live up to the hype?

With Mobile World Congress right around the corner; Francisco Jeronimo sits down with Miles to discuss what we may see from these markets in 2018 and what changes it could bring along.

The Future in 5G

The next 'G' in mobile is coming, but what does this actually mean? How much faster is it? When will it be implemented? Do we actually need it? In this podcast John Delaney sits down with Miles to discuss 5G and explore these questions.

Collaboration and Automation in Manufacturers’ Business Ecosystems

Products will increasingly become platforms in manufacturers’ business ecosystems. There will be multiple partners contributing to joint products and services in order to deliver a high customer experience. Therefore, collaborating in ecosystems will become a key competitive advantage, which requires that the underlying B2B and B2B2C processes will be transformed accordingly. Processes will have to become highly flexible, scalable, automated and smart to adapt to changing market needs in real-time. Technologies like cloud, robotics, cognitive solutions and IoT will be the major pillars of process transformation in business ecosystems. In this podcast Stefanie Naujoks sits down with Miles to explore this topic.

Connected Cars: An Insurer and Automaker Partnership

With connected cars capturing location, driving behavior, and vehicle diagnostics, insurers now have an opportunity to think beyond Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and extend the application of the technology to develop other use cases. Automakers can benefit by augmenting their products with new, compelling customer-centric value propositions in partnership with industries like insurance. This podcast highlights that it is vital for automakers and insurers to gain a clear understanding of the possible points of convergence and collaborate effectively to make the most of these opportunities.

Joining Forces: Why Cloud Alliances Are on the Rise

IBM and Salesforce; Microsoft and Box; AWS and VMWare – all of these are examples of companies which are teaming up together as part of a cloud alliance. In a pre-cloud world, many companies followed a "do it ourselves" policy, and viewed others as competitors. However, as the popularity of cloud rockets, many tech companies are taking a different approach, and are joining up with others and forming cloud alliances.

In this IDC podcast, Hannah Breeze, senior research manager for Channels and Alliances, explores why this is happening and what the industry stands to gain from it, as well highlights some key examples of the trend.

Why You Need a Multicloud Strategy in 2018

Ten years in, cloud has changed everything. People used to purchase hardware, now they consume it. More than half of the infrastructure capacity in Europe will be going to Service Providers by 2020. All large IT buyers, from Betfair to HSBC, have a #cloudfirst strategy. They don’t want DVDs, they want the content. And this content is scattered in multiple services, on and off premise.

How can providers help buyers in their Multicloud infrastructure journey? Which workloads are moving off premise more quickly? Which software players are rapidly emerging – and in which segments?

Giorgio Nebuloni sits down to share his thoughts on these trends in this IDC podcast.

Why Open Source is Becoming a Key Digital Enabler

Open Source has prevailed in the OS, database and web server domains for some decades; its importance has been growing in the last 3-4 years, especially as digital transformation takes centre stage within organisations. In this episode, Archana Venkatraman sits down with Miles to assess why this is occurring, and what organisations could do to further their own Open Source strategies.

Beyond the Hype: The Rise of the DevOps Driven Enterprise

Agility, speed and sustaining enhanced customer experience are the mantras of the world in which we live today; organizations can choose to respond or inevitably find themselves fighting to stay afloat. The bottom line is that digital transformation is board level and IT organizations now need to figure out how best to support the business. As a result more and more organizations are embracing DevOps. In this podcast, IDC's European Research Director for Application Services and DevOps, Jennifer Thomson talks about what DevOps is, why it's important, and how European businesses are using it.

Digital Strategies in Banking: Omni First vs Mobile First

Thanks to upcoming regulations and new technologies, European banks are bracing for a wave of new, digitally enabled players which will compete to deliver customer experience and drive a wedge between the banks and their customers. Drawing on findings from IDC’s recent European consumer preference survey, this podcast looks at what banks can do to protect their customer relationships and ultimately, their business models.

People, Process and Technology in Marketing

Marketing is a state of flux. Marketing automation enabled Marketing to capture, track and target sales leads. But now the game has changed again. Customer experience (CX) is the new kid in town. And CX requires a softer, more emotionally intelligence approach to marketing, working with Sales and Service Departments to build trust, loyalty, and customer advocacy.

But what does this mean the CMO, Marketing's systems and applications, and recruitment? And where does AI fit in? In this podcast, Gerry Brown, Research Director for Customer Experience, sits down with Miles Dawson to reveals the answers using IDC's latest European research data insights and discusses the key trends and best practices.

Addressing Manufacturing’s Talent Gap

Manufacturing, more than any other industry, is facing a talent challenge today, driven by factors such as baby boomers retiring, unemployment, a tarnished reputation, and new digital technologies demanding a whole new set of skills. So what should Manufacturing executives do to help attract, retain and develop the right talent, and how can IT vendors help? In this podcast, Maggie Slowik, Senior Research Analyst at IDC Manufacturing Insights, gives her view and recommendations on this popular topic.

AI – The Ongoing Revolution in Software

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics in IT today. It provides an essential underpinning for consumer devices like Amazon Alexa and innovations like driverless cars. In fact, AI will have a profound effect on most forms of enterprise IT in the coming years, and IDC expects its use to grow dramatically. In this podcast, IDC's European Research Director for Enterprise Software, Philip Carnelley talks about AI's potential, why it's suddenly taken off, and how European businesses are benefitting from AI today.

From Music to Windmills: Digital Transformation in the Nordics

Nordic organizations are no longer just talking about digital transformation but truly embracing it. In the last few years a lot of organizations have started levering new digital technologies – mostly for optimizing internal business processes, but increasingly also for changing the business models. This represents a huge opportunity for IT vendors, but only if they truly understand the customer needs and are innovative in finding partners building ecosystems.

Please join Anders Elbak and Miles Dawson for this podcast explaining digital transformation and how it plays out in the Nordic countries.

Finding Blockchain: From Definition to Use Cases in Europe

Large companies like TUI Group or ING are actively exploring Blockchain as we speak. And yet - as the noise levels skyrocket, IT vendors and buyers in the European space are scratching their head – is this a relevant technology for you? What type of use cases do we see in the region? Are there pitfalls among early adopters?

Please join Miles Dawson and Giorgio Nebuloni for this Podcast presenting an initial, informal discussion on the topic.

Three Must Do’s for Chief Data Officers in 2017

In 2017, Big Data analytics is reaching a tipping point, going from an experimental or focused technology for specific use cases to generally deployable platform. Alongside that are important economic and regulatory changes that affect businesses in different ways. So what should Chief Data Officers be prioritizing in 2017? In this podcast, IDC's European Research Director for Enterprise Software, Philip Carnelley, gives his view.

Three Mega Themes in European Channel

The emergence of the 3rd platform, along with the drive of Digital Transformation, has created a number of complex issues for the channel in recent years. Business models are transforming, as traditional players are re-sculpting their approach to suit the new challenges that end users and vendors are facing across EMEA. Join Margaret Adam, Program director for Channels & Alliances at IDC, where she talks about the changing partner landscape, and the implications that are being felt across Europe.

The Changing Face of Security

There has been a vast amount of change in the security industry, but to cut out the noise, IDC boil this down to 3 macro-drivers: the dynamic threat landscape, digital transformation, and regulatory upheaval. Just one of these macro drivers would be sufficient to put any security operation under considerable pressure – but facing all three at the same time means that businesses need to fundamentally change how they manage their security initiatives. At IDC, we think that the challenge for modern companies is to deliver security at the speed of business - to keep the company secure, while supporting its internal digital transformation initiatives, in a compliant manner.