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The Brexit Impact on IT Spend in the U.K. and Western Europe: A Scenario Analysis

IDC - The Brexit Impact on IT Spend in the U.K. and Western Europe: A Scenario Analysis

The recent UK political and economic situation has delivered a number of issues arising from the recent UK referendum and the vote in favour of the UK leaving the European Union. So regardless of whether a post-Brexit UK were like Switzerland (in the Single Market, but with no MEPs), Albania (following Single Market rules, but no MEPs), or meant the UK is entirely out of the EU and European Economic Area, the rules and standards set in Brussels would have huge and continuing influence on the UK IT industry. There is still so much to negotiate, but no matter what the outcome might be, the global impact on technology will be significant. 

To help you cope with this uncertain scenario and have a clearer perspective of what's coming next, IDC has a dedicated team of expert analysts working on the different forecast scenarios you can encounter after Brexit: Three scenarios for how Brexit will impact Information Technology spending in Europe. 

You can also find more insights about the current Brexit and tech situation from IDC's Blog. Please click below to read:

                                  brexit channels IDC         GDPR Brexit IDC

                                  eIDAS Brexit IDC         Mobility Brexit IDC

In addition to this press release and posts, we now have a 35-page report on the impact of Brexit on UK as well as European IT spend available:The Brexit Impact on IT Spend in the U.K. and Western Europe: A Scenario Analysis. The report outlines the scenarios in more detail, the associated assumptions as well as the expected impact  across hardware, software and services for each of the scenarios. There's also a presentation deck available and a deep dive conversation onsite with top IDC analysts, which provide a more insightful view. 

If you're interested in these IDC offerings to help you plan for the future, please click on the request info button below. Your Account Manager will contact you for further information on pricing and a tailored offering to support your organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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