We are experiencing a paradigm shift in app delivery; this means a change in what apps are, and how they are built, deployed, and updated. It also means a step-change increase in the number and scale of apps being built. To survive and thrive in this new paradigm, enterprises need to be prepared, setting the wheels in motion to future-proof app dev and deploy capabilities and strategies to achieve "Accelerated App Delivery” (AccAD). This AccAD strategy must touch every inch of the organization. Why? Because the reality is that everything in Tech is becoming app-led or software-defined, whether that’s networks, infrastructure, comms, or hardware.

In this document, IDC's European Technology and Ecosystems Solutions Group look at what Accelerated App Delivery means for them and their research areas, providing analyst inputs in a series of domains including app delivery tooling, intelligent platforms, AI, low-code app development, blockchain, hybrid cloud integration, software-defined infrastructure and services ecosystems and channel relationships.

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