By 2025, new archetypes of ‘extreme’ automation and collaboration will eliminate the need for human intervention in 70%-80% of B2B and B2B2C processes in manufacturers’ business ecosystems

Industrial Technology (InTECH) will enable next-generation automation of B2B and B2B2C processes and business ecosystems, leveraging a combination of 3rd platform technologies and the converged usage of innovation accelerators and blockchain.

InTECH is designed for technology vendors that offer solutions to support their customers’ B2B and B2B2C processes and automation providers that would like to understand the relevant market dynamics and the IT side of the market.

Key Facts about Industry Technology

1. The major relevant innovation accelerators for InTECH are IoT, Robotics, and Cognitive.

2. InTECH is relevant for several industries including manufacturing, retail, and energy.

3. InTECH enables new automation archetypes based on physical objects being linked to networked, loosely coupled, and partially self-organizing services across business ecosystems.

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