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Three Must Do’s for Chief Data Officers in 2017

In 2017, Big Data analytics is reaching a tipping point, going from an experimental or focused technology for specific use cases to generally deployable platform. Alongside that are important economic and regulatory changes that affect businesses in different ways. So what should Chief Data Officers be prioritizing in 2017? In this podcast, IDC's European Research Director for Enterprise Software, Philip Carnelley, gives his view.

Three Mega Themes in European Channel

The emergence of the 3rd platform, along with the drive of Digital Transformation, has created a number of complex issues for the channel in recent years. Business models are transforming, as traditional players are re-sculpting their approach to suit the new challenges that end users and vendors are facing across EMEA. Join Margaret Adam, Program director for Channels & Alliances at IDC, where she talks about the changing partner landscape, and the implications that are being felt across Europe.

The Changing Face of Security

There has been a vast amount of change in the security industry, but to cut out the noise, IDC boil this down to 3 macro-drivers: the dynamic threat landscape, digital transformation, and regulatory upheaval. Just one of these macro drivers would be sufficient to put any security operation under considerable pressure – but facing all three at the same time means that businesses need to fundamentally change how they manage their security initiatives. At IDC, we think that the challenge for modern companies is to deliver security at the speed of business - to keep the company secure, while supporting its internal digital transformation initiatives, in a compliant manner.